About Lisa

I've been around the world and back on my skincare journey, and now I'm committed to bringing my clients only the best skincare techniques, rooted in wellness and spirituality.


It's not just about skincare.

When you step into my skincare suite, the transformation that we create isn’t just for your skin, it’s for your entire being. You’ll be able to ask questions about skincare in a judgement-free zone and learn what products work best for you, all while reigniting that glowing force within you.  

skincare = selfcare = soulcare

the backstory

How it All Started...

I’ve always been attracted to all things beauty - whether that meant wandering in nature with my dad, or browsing skincare creams at Bartel Drugs while my mom went  grocery shopping. For me, beauty became an all-encompassing passion that became a way of living,  and how I showed love to others and myself.

After high school, I took some time to travel and through my experiences became a more spiritually aligned person. After going to an aesthetic school that focused on both holistic treatments and leading edge practices, I launched into a career that took me first to New Zealand,  and then back home to Seattle - where I eventually built more than a decade-long career where my primary role was educating others internationally in advanced skincare and luxury beauty products. 

Now I’m wrapping all of my experiences up into a beautiful skincare suite, Awakened Aesthetics, where I focus on skincare as a means of self-love and the key to confidence, with a huge emphasis on education. 

Ready to feel empowered in your skin?

Book your appointment in our skincare suite today - where we love people of all genders, colors, ages and sexual orientation.